ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Earthbound’ by Bury Tomorrow 

Metalcore bands tend to have a limited shelf life. No matter how good the band is or how big their fanbase is, the rigid boundaries that encompass their genre leave little room for experimentation, and more often than not bands will spend a number of albums repeating what they’ve achieved in the past. Bury Tomorrow’s … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Earthbound’ by Bury Tomorrow 

EP REVIEW: ‘Dumbstruck’ by Weatherstate

Bands like Slaves have brought punk to the attention of many recently, although arguably in a more watered down form. But on Dumbstruck, the third EP by Bristol quartet Weatherstate, the edgier, more unrefined side of the genre gets some well-needed representation. Grit is a key ingredient in this EP, whether it’s in Harry Hoskins’ … More EP REVIEW: ‘Dumbstruck’ by Weatherstate

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘White Bear’ by The Temperance Movement

It would be easy for a band who achieved such dizzying success with their first album to rest on their laurels and copy the same formula when it came to making their ‘difficult’ second album. However, The Temperance Movement don’t disappoint and White Bear demonstrates a band undergoing evolution rather than revolution, to great avail. … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘White Bear’ by The Temperance Movement