EP REVIEW: ‘Disconnect’ by Grumble Bee

The concept of Grumble Bee is actually a lot more subversive than it initially seems. As well as offering a more dramatic, textured take on the traditional Britrock formula, Grumble Bee is also the brainchild of singer-songwriter Jack Bennett, so moves away from the preconceptions of a solo artist. Not only that though, but on … More EP REVIEW: ‘Disconnect’ by Grumble Bee

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Outside The Box’ by Hacktivist

Well it’s taken them long enough! Releasing their debut self-titled EP at the back end of 2012, Hacktivist’s reputation began with their timely update of the rap-metal formula, coupling tech-metal polyrhythms with grime-influenced rapping. Since then, the Milton Keynes mob have been steadily building up their following, doing so through the means of an ever-growing … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Outside The Box’ by Hacktivist

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘From Caplan To Belsize’ by Muncie Girls

Muncie Girls have already been touted as ones to watch in 2016, what with their all too relatable lyrics of being a young person in such a self–aware society, all wrapped up in punk sentiments. Judging by debut full-length From Caplan To Belsize, the initial buzz around the Exeter band is well deserved and will … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘From Caplan To Belsize’ by Muncie Girls

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘The Parts We Save’ by Heel

Female fronted bands have also been in the minority despite the amazing music they release; Paramore instantly spring to mind, along with newcomers Wolf Alice and their nonchalant alternative melodies. Based on their debut The Parts We Save, Heel are no exception and will soon add their name to the list of festival favourites. Opener … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘The Parts We Save’ by Heel

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Taking One For The Team’ by Simple Plan

“There’s nothing in the world that’s gonna kill this mood” chirps Simple Plan’s Pierre Bouvier on Singing In The Rain, the fifth track on their new record Taking One For The Team, and it’s hard to think of a truer statement about the Canadians’ career. They’ve been going nearly twenty years now, and all five … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Taking One For The Team’ by Simple Plan

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Getaway’ by Adelitas Way

Despite never being held in such universal contempt as the likes of Nickelback, Adelitas Way have historically been tarred with the same brush. The common opinion is that they’re just another one of those bands peddling lowest common denominator, meat-headed radio rock with a tiny bit of metallic crunch. And while that admittedly may hold … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Getaway’ by Adelitas Way

EP REVIEW: ‘Embrace The Fall That Brought Us Here’ by Apherium

Sometimes just playing it straight is enough to make an impression. Just look at the number of gimmick-free rock bands vying for the public’s unanimous adulation. But while these type of bands have become stale thanks to a case of too much, too often, Somerset’s Apherium have found that sweet spot between simple and interesting … More EP REVIEW: ‘Embrace The Fall That Brought Us Here’ by Apherium

EP REVIEW: ‘Death Deserves A Name’ by Can’t Swim

Death Deserves A Name is hardly an enticing name for a debut EP, yet it harks back to the gloomy album titles such as Strangeways, Here We Come and I See A Darkness. However, Can’t Swim fundamentally fail to deliver the lyrical genius or the imposing melodies both of those albums deliver in bucket loads. … More EP REVIEW: ‘Death Deserves A Name’ by Can’t Swim

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Victorious’ by Wolfmother

So did anyone know that there was another Wolfmother album released between this one and Cosmic Egg? Apparently so, but 2014’s New Crown ultimately suffered from a combination of weak promotion and the fact that many believed the band to have dissolved after the release of frontman Andrew Stockdale’s solo album. At least with fourth … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Victorious’ by Wolfmother