EP REVIEW: ‘Bailer’ by Bailer

Formed in Ireland in 2015, metallic hardcore quartet Bailer have been creating a stir with their latest self-titled EP, which follows on from 2017’s PTSD and 2016’s Shaped By The Landscape. The band have been attracting attention from Metal Hammer, Kerrang!, Metal Injection and Heavy Blog Is Heavy.

 The EP begins with Lying For A Living, opening with sound effects of footsteps and jangling keys before exploding into a heavy guitar riff and aggressive, distorted vocals from Alex O’Leary. The variety of rhythms, mini breakdowns and dissonant chord sequences displays the band’s musical and songwriting abilities. Tuesday Blues is another explosive track on the album continuing their signature guitar tone and aggressive sound. The details of guitar licks and bass riffs break up the solid wall of heavy rhythm guitar without disrupting the dark, filthy atmosphere of the track.

The use of dissonance is far more prevalent in the EP’s third track, Long Gone. The guitar melody with accompanying percussion drops into a breakdown before leading into the first verse and introduces the heavier bass line. Former Zoax vocalist, Adam Carroll features on this track, and his vocals provide another dimension to the chorus with an edge that compliments O’Leary.

 The EP ends with Death Is A Reminder. The track opens with a dirty, growling tone on a heavy guitar riff. O’Leary’s aggressive lyrics are well balanced in the instrumentation mix. The track incorporates a heavy bass line, with bass solo riff towards the end of the track, along with dissonant chord sequences which add an extra dimension to the track.  

 Bailer’s self-titled EP displays that the band have discovered their sound and are fully confident with it. Their chosen guitar tone and use of dissonant guitars across the tracks makes the EP cohesive, but it is by no means repetitive. Having discovered their sound, Bailer know how to use it whilst keeping each track varied and interesting. The band are moving from strength to strength and this EP is an excellent example of their talents.


For fans of: Cancer Bats, Every Time I Die, The Dillinger Escape Plan
Words by Holly Royle 

‘Bailer’ by Bailer is released on 9th February on Distro-y Records.

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