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Since 2015, The Soundboard has strived to deliver the best in coverage of everything in rock, punk, metal, indie and alternative music, while occasionally branching out beyond those boundaries. We aim to be honest and opinionated, but fair in our coverage of something for everyone.


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Here at The Soundboard, we’re always looking for new writers to join the team and contribute with reviews, interviews and features, and photographers to attend and capture live shows.

If you are interested in joining The Soundboard team, please contact luke@thesoundboardreviews.com with an album review of your choice or examples of previous photography work.

3 thoughts

  1. I was reading through reviews for a college paper that I’m writing on Royal Blood’s “Typhoons” album. I found the review to be extremely shallow and overly aggressive, and something that turned into less of a review but more of a personal attack on the band and there music. I also read through the review of their self-titled and found it to be quite similar in the sense of being very shallow and somewhat passive-aggressive. As someone who also does minor reviews, I try to stay away from hurling insults at the bands who I’m critiquing.

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