ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Gravebloom’ by The Acacia Strain 

When Suicide Silence said that deathcore needed shaking up earlier this year, they weren’t exactly wrong. Even the most ardent fans of the genre can admit that, going down the line, it can start to blur together into one fat mass of chugs and growls. But with their attempt at changing things up feeling more … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Gravebloom’ by The Acacia Strain 

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Evolve’ by Imagine Dragons

Tracing Imagine Dragons’ career path up until now, it’s difficult to see what the appeal is anymore. Their 2014 debut Night Visions might’ve filled an easily-replaceable void left by the then-AWOL Killers, but its follow-up Smoke + Mirrors saw an already dimensionally-bankrupt radio-indie sound thinned out even more. The lead-up to Evolve didn’t look to … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Evolve’ by Imagine Dragons

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Melodrama’ by Lorde

Imagine this – you’re a 20-year-old from New Zealand, and you’ve catapulted to global fame with a single from your debut album. Hordes of celebrities are publicly admitting to loving your music, including the late David Bowie (who calls you “the future of music”). And then after a four-year period of writing, recording and reaping … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Melodrama’ by Lorde

EP REVIEW: ‘Yorkshire Rats’ by Yorkshire Rats

Inspired by the punk rock of Social Distortion and old school approaches of Stiff Little Fingers and The Ramones, Yorkshire Rats formed back in 2004 to provide fresh, modern twists on the influential genre. Manifested as a brainchild of ex-Abrasive Wheels / Billy No Mates musician Don Mercy, Yorkshire Rats make a return with brand … More EP REVIEW: ‘Yorkshire Rats’ by Yorkshire Rats

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘The Flood Flowers, Vol. 1’ by Fort Hope

Fort Hope’s debut full-length arrives at a less-than-ideal time, but that might as well be this band’s mantra at this point. They first came to prominence during the beginning of Britrock’s decline with a far more polished, staccato take that felt even more out of place considering what would ultimately replace it. And yet, rather … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘The Flood Flowers, Vol. 1’ by Fort Hope

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Feed The Machine’ by Nickelback

The assertions of Nickelback being the “worst band in the world” are grossly exaggerated. Perhaps switching out “worst” for “most inoffensive” would be more accurate, as the band’s method of staying well away from any sort of boundaries has led them to become the faces of radio rock, for better or for worse. It’s easy … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Feed The Machine’ by Nickelback

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘From The Outside’ by Hey Violet

The evolution of Hey Violet’s sound has been drastic to say the least. Even with their start of hard rock in Cherri Bomb before shifting to pop-rock upon their name change, barely a remnant of that original incarnation remains today. Last year’s Brand New Moves EP hinted at a smoother, tighter indie-pop sound that spawned … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘From The Outside’ by Hey Violet