EP REVIEW: ‘Ascend To Clarity’ by Bury The Traitor

2018 was a great year for the metal scene with new bands emerging and well-known favourites releasing some incredible new material. Metalcore quintet Bury The Traitor are continuing this trend into 2019 with their EP Ascend To Clarity. Coinciding their release with a new logo and a brand-new music video, it seems Bury The Traitor are entering a new chapter in their evolution as a band.

A dramatic opening to their EP reveals a sense of creativity in the first track Embers. The acoustic guitar melody, haunting toll of a distant bell and spoken word lines echoing in the background is incredibly atmospheric. It is the calm before the storm. The change into the heavier section consisting of harsh vocals, distorted rhythm instrumentation and intricate lead riffs produce a powerful sound. Bury The Traitor have a range of musical abilities at their disposal and make use of each aspect effectively. Contrasting clean vocal sections adds interest into the texture of the track. The raw, aggressive nature of the harsh vocals increased the depth to their sound, as well as allowing the lead guitar to take the main focus. When the clean vocals take centre stage the guitar takes a step back. This is generally how the instrumentation should work in order to prevent an overload of competing parts and risk the mix becoming unclear. Being able to balance each instrumental and vocal part to give them their fair share in the spotlight, whilst maintaining cohesion across the track is no mean feat.

A.S.I.F. has certainly proven its popularity amongst Bury The Traitor’s fans with over 20,000 views on their new music video, and it’s not too surprising that this track is proving so popular. With soaring vocals, strong guitars, fast energetic riffs and a great breakdown section, it’s a sure hit with metalcore fans. This track incorporates a range of genre influences. The rhythm of the verses feels like a more extreme version of a hard rock chord sequence. The harsh vocals and incredible breakdown throw the track into the metalcore and djent genres. The track remains cohesive despite the combination of tones and textures included throughout. Ending the track with the breakdown creates a dramatic effect and segues nicely into the following track. Along with invoking childhood memories, Heads Down Thumbs Up dives in straight at the heavy end. Exploding with energy from the start and dynamic harsh vocals this track certainly makes an impact. The clean vocals in the chorus work well with the rest of the instrumentation as they add depth with their smooth texture, without lessening the heaviness of the track. By including dissonant harmonics amongst the guitars and jarring effects on the vocals Heads Down Thumbs Up brings a distinct sound to the EP showcasing the band’s diversity within their established sound.

Bury The Traitor have delivered a strong EP. They have established their own sound but are not confined with it – their ability to produce a diverse range of tracks containing varying genre influences shows their talent. Ascend To Clarity is a sound contribution to the metal scene.


For fans of: Bury Tomorrow, Architects, Born Of Osiris
Words by Holly Royle

‘Ascend To Clarity’ by Bury The Traitor is released on 14th February.

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