EP REVIEW: ‘La Grande Mascarade’ by Aborted

Aborted have released ten studio albums over the course of their blood-soaked career, and La Grande Mascarade follows as a limited release, featuring two brand new tracks and a previously unreleased track from the TerrorVision sessions. The release is made all the more gory with the blasphemous and violent art by Mitchell Nolte; this EP is not for the faint-hearted.

La Grande Mascarade begins with Gloom and the Art of Tribulation. A demonic narrative, accompanied with haunting synth melodies, perfectly sets the tone for the tracks about the follow. Driving a sense of terror home, the track suddenly explodes into intensely fast drumming, guitar rhythms and gut-wrenching vocals. The sheer speed of the instrumentation is too incredible for the senses to comprehend. There is so much going on; moments unison in the rhythm provide a rest bite before diving into dissonance, horror and the lowest of the low growls. The soaring guitar solo introduces a contrasting tone which lifts the instrumentation up without disturbing the consistent heaviness that grounds the track. The drop to half-speed really enhances the drama of the track. It gives space for the instrumentation to breathe and the haunting atmosphere to fill the space. It makes the return to the original pace all the more thrilling.

Serpent Of Depravity takes no prisoners, launching straight into the bloody chaos of their sound. Experimentation with rhythmic sections and bass motifs gives the track a dynamic sense of movement that changes so quickly. The demonic narrative briefly reappears and enhances the theatrics of the music whilst creating a good sense of cohesion between this track and Gloom And The Art Of Tribulation. The variety of low harsh vocals and blended screams that soar into the higher pitches of Svencho’s vocal range, produces a powerful effect. The incredible blastbeats, for which Aborted are more than well known for, intensify the explosive power of the track. The dark energy doesn’t let up throughout. The presence of technical guitar leads adds another dimension to their sound by filling the aural senses. Funeral Malediction follows on seamlessly from Serpent Of Depravity. Continuing the immense sound; the power doesn’t diminish. The soaring leads in this track once again lift the instrumentation prior to dramatic fall into the depths of Aborted’s sound. Just when you think they can’t go any lower, they delve deeper into the demonic heart of their sound.

La Grande Mascarade may only contain three tracks, but those three tracks portray a murderous intensity from beginning to end. The dark and the demonic is explored through Aborted’s incredible arrangement and composition. The quality of the production is immense and envelops the senses in a nightmarish atmosphere.


For fans of: Dying Fetus, Arch Spire, Cannibal Corpse
Words by Holly Royle

‘La Grande Mascarade’ by Aborted is released on 17th April on Century Media Records.

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