EP REVIEW: ‘Yorkshire Rats’ by Yorkshire Rats

Inspired by the punk rock of Social Distortion and old school approaches of Stiff Little Fingers and The Ramones, Yorkshire Rats formed back in 2004 to provide fresh, modern twists on the influential genre. Manifested as a brainchild of ex-Abrasive Wheels / Billy No Mates musician Don Mercy, Yorkshire Rats make a return with brand new sounds following their 2015 album Sea Of Soul.

 Everything you could need from a punk release is crammed into four quick fired tracks on the latest EP from the Yorkshire quartet. The self-titled record kicks off with a rapid guitar sound in Alone Together, reminiscent of modern sounds from Billy Talent with vocals that would please a Foo Fighters fan. There’s plenty of high energy to tempt listeners in and let them know what is in store for the rest of the EP; it definitely shows the more aggressive sides to the band.

 Where Do I Sign pulls in a slower tempo but spares no expense to captivate and thrive in an interchangeable pace. The track provides a gentler approach from what was heard in the opening song, with steady chord progressions and chiming backing riff that brings every element together wonderfully.

 They pull away from their gritty sound briefly during Better Days Will Come, which demonstrates their capabilities to produce interesting and captivating melodies. The sound is calmer than the rest of the record, but still bounces along wonderfully, with plenty of spark in the rhythms and vocal hooks. The track draws the EP down to a close nicely and finishes off the spectrum of energy that is displayed across the duration.

 There’s plenty of pleasing grit and substance to the brief release. The group mange to successfully cram plenty of fun and energy into four tracks and it’s clear they know what they are doing with their sound. With bundles of US punk rock influences, Yorkshire Rats are ones to keep an eye on.


For fans of: Rancid, Reuben, Pennywise
Words by Jess Boswell 

‘Yorkshire Rats’ by Yorkshire Rats is out now on Northern Ruff Records.

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