EP REVIEW: ‘Lights’ by Reckless Intentions

During a time of increasing saturation of the pop-punk genre, being able to come across a fresh and new band that defies a lot of the norms is instantly welcoming. Reckless Intentions, energetic quartet residing from Brighton, start off their reign on the accustomed genre with a bouncy and fiery debut EP Lights, featuring five tracks of individuality. Following their formation and year of development in 2016, they are now ready to take on the world outside their quaint hometown.

 Starting as they mean to go on, Ghost Town spares no expense to get into the gritty sounds that the group comfortably present throughout the EP. The guitar chords are distinct and gritty; the instrumentals surely have plenty of character. When the chorus comes into full view, the energy is kicked up a notch and we really see the true light of the band, and it is shining in their favour.

 The vocals are unique and form a new variety of pop-punk lyrics that gratefully steps away from the classic American tinge of State Champs or Real Friends. Outcast even takes a step further towards the likes of early punk icons Green Day, incorporating thundering bass lines and contagious guitar riffs that fill the track to the brim.

 The band round their EP down to a relaxing close with Home, which draws the journey to a flourishing conclusion. The track divides, with the initial half focusing on gentle piano providing a wonderful structure for vocals and a gradual build in tempo. There is plenty of emotion and raw vocals that are instantly relatable and prime for singing along with in the car.

 All in all, an enjoyable first deliver from the newly established four-piece. With plenty of diversity to sink your teeth into, there is a little something for many audiences; the vocals stand out incredibly in each track. While still taking in influences from musical contemporary kings, Reckless Intentions have built a quirky and distinct sound that is sure to benefit them in the coming years.


For fans of: Green Day, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy
Words by Jess Boswell

‘Lights’ by Reckless Intentions is released on 14th July.

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