EP REVIEW: ‘Everything Comes After Zero’ by Circle Of Crows

Breaking into the music industry with a debut EP is by no means an easy feat. With so much competition creating a sound that will stand out and establish a band’s presence requires something extra. Everything Comes After Zero, the debut EP from UK hard rockers Circle Of Crows, has that something extra.

The trio create a mixture high energy tracks and more chilled sounds on their debut EP. Broken Children shows the band’s genre mixing sound with staccato rhythms, producing a funk-like feel, and heavier guitar sections introducing metal style influences. Guitar and bass melodies in the track’s verses which add an extra layer to the track without disrupting the melody line of the vocals. Kyle Gormley’s soaring vocals are distinctive and complement the various styles explored on the EP; the tone of his voice suits both the cleaner and heavier guitar tones.

Into The Sun has a more relaxed sound compared to the previous tracks. The use of some distortion on the guitars links in with the hard rock genre but it doesn’t affect the serene atmosphere. The focus of this track appears to be more on the vocals with the tone of the track reflecting the subject of the lyrics. Including strings towards the end of the track adds a further dimension enhancing the overall feel of the track. Into The Sun shows off Gormley’s vocals with the powerful note he sustains towards the end of the track. Everything Comes After Zero contrasts Into The Sun by diving into fast, heavier guitar rhythms with rests that interrupt the rhythm and give an uncomfortable feel to the track. More aggressive style vocals and harmonic motifs in the lead guitar add to the dramatic nature of this track. By having such a strong juxtaposition between tracks, the EP creates a higher level of interest to the listener and has a dramatic impact.

The darker tone of Open Doors is well executed. The cleaner guitar tones create a simple pure sound with every note audible. The percussion suits the style of the track, creating interest without over powering the guitars or vocals. Bass melodies emphasize the darker tone of this track through the use of low notes complementing the higher pitch of the guitar. Vocals once again are adapted to the different style and complement the instrumentation effectively. Open Doors involves more sparse sections in the instrumentation but Circle Of Crows have managed to maintain a strong sound. Even with stripped down guitar melodies the track doesn’t feel empty or lacking – all the techniques used balance to create strong track.

The hard rock trio have created an impressive debut EP that really shows off their ability as musicians and establishes their sound. Exploring heavier and softer areas of this genre on the EP shows their understanding and gives the release variety whilst remaining cohesive. Circle Of Crows have such a strong start with Everything Comes After Zero; this rock trio have a bright future ahead of them.


For fans of: Alter Bridge, Royal Blood, Nothing But Thieves
Words by Holly Royce

‘Everything Comes After Zero’ by Circle Of Crows is out now.

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