EP REVIEW: ‘Pink Magic’ by Fizzy Blood

The fact that Fizzy Blood have retroactively categorised their three EPs as a trilogy can’t help but seem odd. Granted, the band have admitted how that wasn’t planned from the start, but it’s still strange, not only because each feels very different in its individual aims, but because it’s clear to see how each one is the product of a band evolving. The garage-rock sound is a constant, sure, but there’s a feeling of self-assuredness that builds across each one that does differentiate each EP, but also shows a band improving virtually across the board.

That’s an interesting jumping-off point with Pink Magic, because while this is undoubtedly the best that Fizzy Blood have sounded to date – these four songs are catchier and better written than virtually anything they’ve released up to now – it’s still missing the tightness and more intent focus that will see them go from a good band to a great one. It’s perhaps most evident in Illusion and its almost Britpop-style vocal melody that deviates from everything else here; it’s not entirely a bad thing and song is still decent in its own right, but it shows that rough edges are still present in terms of consistency that could do with smoothing out.

The reason that’s so noticeable is because, even among these four tracks, Fizzy Blood prove they can handle diversity and do it rather well. There’s something of a Queens Of The Stone Age vibe to the title track in its ramshackle, dusty strut and Benji Inkley’s drawl, contrasted by the smoother, steamier indie influences on Stranger, but both feel wholly realised in terms of sound and intent. The beauty of Fizzy Blood ultimately becomes the presence of a band rooted in their garage-rock foundations, but who remain pliable enough to bend and weave into different tones at will without it being too jarring. Even if Illusion does that slightly too much, the quality still stands strong, and a particularly rich alt-rock core is pushed forward throughout.

And that bodes well for whatever Fizzy Blood plan to do in the future. Particularly with the direction that rock and especially indie is heading in, they seem more primed for bigger and better things than ever before, and Pink Magic is possibly their most definitive statement to date of how ready they are. Sure, a bit of work still needs to be done, but there’s more confidence here now, both in terms of listener reaction and with the band themselves. Get a good debut full-length out the gate next, and Fizzy Blood will be flying.


For fans of: Dinosaur Pile-Up, Pulled Apart By Horses, Yonaka
Words by Luke Nuttall

‘Pink Magic’ by Fizzy Blood is released on 14th September on Killing Moon / Alya Records.

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