ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Precious Art’ by Rozwell Kid

Rozwell Kid might finally be able to catch a break now. Even though they’ve been knocking around since 2011 with three full-lengths, numerous splits and a compact fanbase under their belts, that big push to get them over the hill and into more stable territory has yet to arrive. It wouldn’t be too much of … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Precious Art’ by Rozwell Kid


A common stigma attributed to more technically-minded acts is the constant dourness that surrounds them, and that both they and their fanbase see their craft as the pinnacle of musical class and achievement. CHON clearly aren’t one of those bands. There are few pretensions towards high-concept depth on Homey, the California math-rockers’ sophomore album that … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Homey’ by CHON

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Incorruptible’ by Iced Earth

Apparently the reason that a lot of “true” metal fans hate Babymetal is because such a ridiculous concept is “killing metal”. As such, it’s kind of ironic that those exact people are the ones that a band like Iced Earth have the most appeal to, especially considering there’s nothing inherently more ridiculous about them than … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Incorruptible’ by Iced Earth

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Wolves’ by Rise Against

While politics and music are both ever-changing landscapes, Rise Against can always be counted on to consistently bring the two together in a raucous, eloquent fashion. Across their eighteen-year career, they’ve brought issues like worrying suicide rates in gay teenagers, school shootings and the impact US consumerism has on third world countries to the attention … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Wolves’ by Rise Against

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Different Animals’ by Volumes

Lately, it’s been a lot easier to talk about Volumes in any way other than the music. Between label disputes, lineup changes and multiple touring injuries, their actual music has been left overshadowed. That’s not exactly difficult though, as they’ve always spent their time skulking around tech-metalcore’s back rows, coming up in conversation but never … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Different Animals’ by Volumes

ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Shadows Inside’ by Miss May I

The Miss May I of both 2012 and today could be two completely different bands. One was riding high after the release of At Heart which could’ve thrust them to modern metal’s top table; the other is struggling for relevance and momentum with a series of noticeably diminishing returns. No prizes for guessing which is … More ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Shadows Inside’ by Miss May I