EP REVIEW: ‘Embrace The Fall That Brought Us Here’ by Apherium

Sometimes just playing it straight is enough to make an impression. Just look at the number of gimmick-free rock bands vying for the public’s unanimous adulation. But while these type of bands have become stale thanks to a case of too much, too often, Somerset’s Apherium have found that sweet spot between simple and interesting on new EP Embrace The Fall That Brought Us Here.

It may only be three tracks long, but this EP already shows that Apherium have a clear grasp on scope without sounding too overblown, crunch without sounding too heavy and straightforwardness without sounding too basic. Lead track Embrace is an ideal distillation of everything their sound is about, namely huge hooks build on very slightly prog-tinged riffs and Larry Turner’s uniquely bombastic vocal style, falling somewhere in between Matt Bellamy and Andy Biersack.

Despite it only being three songs long, Apherium make one hell of an impression on Embrace The Fall That Brought Us Here. It manages to feel simultaneously accessible, but with a bit more substance than the average, bog-standard Britrock fare, particularly on sweeping closer Ever Present. Admittedly though, it sometimes feels difficult to see how this would translate onto a full-length album. Apherium have undoubtedly carved out a sound that works for them and that they can manipulate for great results, but there are odd instances where it feels a bit too rigid to glean anything new.

But regardless, there’s enough on his EP to suggest more greatness from Apherium in the future. While this may be a very slight demonstration of the power in their arsenal, it says enough that it still manages to spark excitement for more to come. Stretch what they’ve got here over an album, and Apherium could be a name to pay close attention to.


For fans of: Muse, Fightstar, InMe
Words by Luke Nuttall

‘Embrace The Fall That Brought Us Here’ by Apherium is released on 29th February.

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