EP REVIEW: ‘Close My Eyes (Deluxe Edition)’ by Small Pond Big Fish

Whilst most teenagers nowadays struggle with meeting the demands of uni life and a social life, Small Pond Big Fish deliver this promising debut EP to make all those struggling students feel inadequate. There may be occasional blips but this EP serves as both the band smashing their way onto the music scene and marks them out as ones to watch.

 A Premise sees the band do the typical thing of bands do now, a mystical intro that is vaguely reminiscient of The 1975’s examples on both their albums. The standard is raised significantly on following track Close My Eyes; the style is of Paramore, a clear influence on the band due to the similarities between the two, yet Small Pond succeed in moulding the structure to suit themselves. The heavy guitar and the driving force of the bass are aspects of each song although to say it is repetitive is wrong; the sound is always different, something not every artist bothers to ensure these days, making the EP an interesting listen. The songs are short and snappy, making the use of songs such as Lifeless, a 26-second instrumental following the dreamlike state of A Premise, completely unnecessary. Thankfully only a few feature on the EP and they are quickly followed by songs that would seem at home at any rock festival. Please, Be Careful With The Porcelain does indeed begin with trepidation before the sound is hammered home, placing emphasis on the late chorus.

In trying to show their full potential and range, there are areas where this does inevitably fall flat, Chiaroscuro being the obvious example. Again, it is one of those unnecessary instrumentals except this one is dragged out for over two minutes. The piano is a tune that seems to be in everyones repertoire and so it adds no musical value to the EP. A Closed Mind, Wastes Time threatens to follow the same path before the piano becomes more aggressive, eventually giving way to a stomping drum.

Closing track Strange Thoughts Follow Shadows is a fitting end to the EP and sees the band at their heaviest; an unstoppable riff, a relentless energy and the emotive roar of singer Iga Tchorz. This song alone is worth listening to the EP for and will surely become a rock anthem. Hopefully the band follow the example of their last song; if so, there will be no stopping them stealing the crown from Paramore as rock’s sweethearts.


For fans of: Paramore, PVRIS, Periphery
Words by Clara Duffy 

‘Close Your Eyes (Deluxe Edition)’ by Small Pond Big Fish is out now.

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