EP REVIEW: ‘Else’ by Solids

Having recently added a member to their ranks, Montreal’s Solids have openly apologised to music bloggers for forcing them to think of three-piece comparisons instead of duo clichés. We’ll try and keep those to a minimum and focus on their newly-released Else EP.

Solids don’t have a bass player, but it’s practically unnoticeable as they make up for it in other areas. Else is built on a foundation of chuggy, gritty guitars, and conversely pretty much everything else is quite toned down. This is most noticeable in the vocals, as for the most part they get lost in the rest of the tracks. The lyrics are barely audible of the likes of Blank Stare and Wait It Out resulting in a lack of major draw to either, especially seeing as the guitar lines are pretty basic.

But while this EP doesn’t really jump out as something exceptionally good, it does have a mellow vibe and is like what an angsty teenager would have on in the background in their bedroom. Solids do break out of this on the second half of Else, with Blurs adding a bit of colour in its first half before resorting back to the background music in its second. Fourth and closing track Shine also has potential, but the last minute and a half consisting solely of a feedback-like drone is completely pointless.

There’s a lot of potential on Else for Solids to become underground favourites. But you have to dig deep to find it, and it’ll be enough to make most people quickly lose interest. There’s definitely something here, Solids just need to come out of their shell more.


For fans of: Balance & Composure, Brand New, Title Fight
Words by Georgia Jackson

‘Else’ by Solids is released on 15th April on Topshelf Records.

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