EP REVIEW: ‘Ruling Class Crooks’ by Rory Indiana

Dystopian and distorted guitars welcome you into Rory Indiana’s Ruling Class Crooks, before the heavy hits of the drums signal all-out chaos. The quintessentially English vocals take on an unbridled anger, as they shout about absolute power, with the melody getting stronger and stronger to match this feeling. The track feels like exactly the type of song that would have everyone going crazy at one of the rock festivals of the summer, marking Rory Indiana as ones to look out for on line ups. Leave Me sees the heavy sound continue with a vengeance although it does drastically reduce in volume when the vocals kick in, allowing the well-written lyrics to take centre stage.

Burnout Behaviour sees the band take the title of the song seriously, with subtle elements being reflected in the track; the instruments seem pieced together and there are slight wobbles and fluctuations in the previously all too confident vocals. The track also sees a catchy chorus being used to the greatest effect out of all the EP.

The subjects discussed on the EP are nothing new and the angst the band deliver certainly isn’t especially with all the new upcoming rock bands yet they make the EP interesting and leave you wishing it was longer. Self Sabotage takes an unexpected turn, what with its plucky guitar being reminscient of something you would hear in a Spanish bar before the drum yet again signals a change in the melody, making way again for the heavier sound. Let’s just hope, judging by the standard of this EP, it is one that becomes listened to more often.


For fans of: Rolls Bayce, Only Rivals, Straight Lines
Words by Clara Duffy

‘Ruling Class Crooks’ by Rory Indiana is out now .

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