EP REVIEW: ‘Written Off, Moving On’ by Dreamer & Son

Rock band Dreamer & Son, an ambient rock band from Boston, cite their aim as to build a community based on love and acceptance. Isn’t that what everyone wants though? Sadly the cheesy lyrics and the all-heard-before melodies lack the ability to change the world on this debut.

An EP is designed to capture the attention immediately and act as a short snap of what the band are. Opening track Tension definitely fulfils the latter aim but the softness of the instrumental fails to hold your attention, which only dwindles as the band throw the usual soft cries of “ohhh” over the top. Hello Vancouver certainly packs a punch when its time comes and the vocals certainly deliver on emotion although the song lacks originality stylistically.

Sweep sees the band up their game slightly; aside from the strangely soothing verses of heartbreak, the chorus is aggressive and catchy with its heavy drums and simple riff although the momentum is not conserved on follow up Everyone Loves The Violins, a track that calls for emotion yet lacks it itself. One Dry Eye also follows up with this formula, leaving the EP feeling monotonous, strange considering it’s only five songs long.

Whilst the melodies are good, the band would be better served if they lost the cheesy aim and stopped trying so hard. There are elements of greatness on this EP; let’s just hope the band can build on them.


For fans of: Gates, Tides Of Man, Kings Of Leon
Words by Clara Duffy

‘Written Off, Moving On’ by Dreamer & Son is out now.’


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