With Reading and Leeds Festival just around the corner, we decided to see how some of the bands on the bill are feeling about playing, and what we can look forward to from their sets.

With their comeback album To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere sitting as one of the best of the year so far, Thrice are ready to make their return on UK soil. And as frontman Dustin Kensrue tells us, they’re ready and raring to go.

So you’re playing Reading and Leeds for the first time since 2010 – how are you feeling?
Dustin: We’re feeling great! These shows back have probably been some of our very best and we are excited to share the rock with our friends across the sea. 

When you announced your return at the end of 2014, did you expect to playing these slots so soon?
Dustin: We usually try to not expect a whole lot and that way we don’t get too disappointed or neurotic. In all honestly though we always feel fortunate to be able to play anywhere, and when that anywhere is an amazing and humungous festival half a world away from home – it’s all the better. 

You released To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere a few months back – how’s the reaction been?
Dustin: The reaction has been overwhelming. It seems both that our long time fans and people new to the band have been really loving it which is great. 

How has the new material being going down live?
Dustin: Very well. There are a variety of energies to the songs on the new record and it’s made playing the new stuff a lot of fun. Hurricane especially is a different movement than most of our songs and it’s been a good one to open with and really sets up the rest of the show. 

What sort of things can we expect from your set?
Dustin: We’re not usually a band with a lot of bells and whistles but we are a tight live band and we don’t hold back. The set should have a good mix of old and new, and maybe a few that we haven’t played in a while or ever in the UK.

Finally, is there anyone else you’re looking forward to seeing?
Dustin: I’d love to catch Chvrches set for sure! 

Interview by Luke Nuttall

Thrice’s latest album ‘To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere’ is out now on Vagrant Records.
The band play The Pit Stage at Reading on Friday 26th August and Leeds on Saturday 27th August.

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