EP REVIEW: ‘Disposable’ by Super American

Pop-rock duo Super American release their latest EP Disposable through Take This To Heart Records. The Buffalo, NY act bring forth their pineapple-obsessed personas to the contemporary pop-punk scene, carrying with them plenty of ’80 / ’90s influences to set them away from the pack with their own twists.  

 Opening song Sloppy Jazz is a ’90’s romantic, vintage power-pop track that draws attention to the care-free vibes that the group depicts; featuring a captivating chant of “na-na-na”s to open, bringing back memories of old-school Blink-182. The single was released late last year, marking the second single for the group. With a colour-drained, retro video to match, the song puts a modern twist on the early New Found Glory prominent bass line combined with infectious rhythms and melodic riffs.

 Following quickly behind is Feeling Better, accentuating the group’s inner Weezer with the woozy introductory riff. There are some nice harmonies between the two singers complimenting the rapid drum rhythms and melodic patterns. We grace through the further five tracks with additional doses of laid-back paces and youthful vocals, featuring the odd acoustic element every now and again. Missing Pieces sounds like a happy-go-lucky NeverShoutNever track, with a chirpy guitar rhythm with a bittersweet warmth which makes the track so appealing.

 The EP comes winds down to concluding track Rebel’s Yell, which begins with a steady opening verse and chorus, with the acoustics making a return, before projecting back into the familiar full-band sound. There is a consistent balanced sound throughout, which then brings the record down to a relaxing close, bringing a full circle of acoustic contributions.

 Disposable is a very durable foundation for Super American, and will stand as something they can later build upon even further. Some catchy tracks featuring heartfelt vocals, harmonies and energy-filled rhythms is a winning formula for the group.


For fans of: New Found Glory, Weezer, The Starting Line
Words by Jess Boswell

‘Disposable’ by Super American is out now on Take This To Heart Records.

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