EP REVIEW: ‘Like It Is’ by Tigress

Relentless pop-rock quintet Tigress are set to release their sophomore effort Like It Is on 12th May. Succeeding their debut Human in 2015, the five track EP includes their 2016 single release Power Lines and four brand new songs. Their debut was a huge success for the newly established group, with their name spreading more and more as they continued to tour their distinctive sound all through packed out shows. Their newest selection of tracks creates a dynamic rollercoaster of untiring 20 minutes that never falter from the get go. With this sophomore release under their belts, the five-piece are set for a very busy 2017. 

 They initiate with Give Me A Chance, which was introduced back in March this year. With echoing vocals and steady instrumental sections that are consistent and incredibly pleasing, the song works as brilliant prelude to the rest of the EP and what is to come from this band. What is impressive with this record is how the tracks flow together so nicely. Even having already heard Give Me A Chance and succeeding track Power Lines as singles, it is great to see how these existing tracks unite together so wonderfully, yet still maintaining a unique definition between them.

 Power Lines hits the highest levels of energy, demonstrating the band’s natural progression of developing their sound since their first set of songs. There’s an element of aggression from vocalist Katy Jackson, who conveys truthful elements to her lyrics that could then relate with listeners. These vocal components, merged with the various tempo changes and Queens Of The Stone Age style guitar licks manifest to create a song that keeps you hooked from start to finish. Even when it comes round to the slower track Shockwave, the group still exhibit vast quantities of energy and spirit that creates a wonderful overall dynamic for the record. There are many components to the song that works incredibly well for the group; the introduction of strings in the verses presents a Lindsey Stirling vibe that compliments the drawn out melodies and high vocal range.

There is a vibe that is exhibited during the length of the record that sounds like a stripped back Halestorm: still with strong female vocal lead and thundering instrumental. The variance that is put on display is so dynamic and enticing, each track has its own charm and shines as brilliant examples of diverse pop-rock that will appeal to many.


For fans of: The Nearly Deads, Halestorm, The Hype Theory
Words by Jess Boswell

‘Like It Is’ by Tigress is released on 12th May on LAB Records.

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