EP REVIEW: ‘Endeavours’ by High Rise

2019 is proving to be a popular year for metalcore releases. Metalcore quintet High Rise are a part of this subgenre, and Endeavours is the new EP from the group that has been eagerly awaited by fans. Their debut release Tides Will Take You was released in 2015 and was shortly followed by their second EP Left It For Everything in 2016. High Rise have established a strong following for themselves and Endeavours continues the band’s journey. Achieving this level of success in just a few years says it all – they are clearly a big hit with many music fans. High Rise bring something extra to the metalcore scene with a melodic aspect to their sound. The EP opens with a huge anthemic sound. My Solitude, Your Hope sets a fast pace with dramatic build up of the guitars with the accompanying drum rhythm. The power behind Jovic’s harsh vocals emphasises the huge sound of the instrumentation. The heavy distortion of the track is balanced by Jovic’s clean vocals which soar through the chorus. The lead guitars also come into their own during the chorus as the fluid melody cuts through the rhythm instrumentation and complements the vocal line. This track feels very emotional and powerful throughout. Considering the ideas High Rise have put into this EP, the sound is very fitting: “The name ‘Endeavours’ came from the thought that no one’s journey is ever quite over and through our struggles to succeed, we forget to appreciate the more important things around us.”

High Rise display the variety within their sound as the EP progresses. The Fight involves more dissonant sounds, and the verse in particular has a more aggressive feel. This track shares similarities with My Solitude, Your Hope as the clean vocals are once again the focus of the chorus. This technique works well for breaking up the harsh textures of the verse, but it would be nice to see something a bit different as the tracks are placed in succession on the release. The guitar tones used in the bridge give the track a dramatic effect and take the sound in the dissonant direction. Tom and Ricky are clearly competent guitarists. Ghosts In My Mind feels more guitar focused with a variety of tones and playing styles used throughout the track. The melody lines used in the verse bring a softer, clean tone to the track that creates an interesting development in their sound. The inclusion of more distorted rhythm guitars later in the track works effectively to enhance the track and change the energy levels in the instrumentation. This track would have been a good opportunity to mirror the guitars with more clean vocals. The harsh vocals over the verse melodies gives an interesting contrast, but the harsh vocals start to feel a bit overused.

Endeavours opens with a strong instrumental sound and powerful, soaring clean vocals. This gives the EP some good variety following the focus on harsh vocals in the previous tracks. The vocal lines have a powerful effect and form a heartfelt sound. The instrumentation sounds grounded – the track maintains good energy levels throughout and developing the emotional style of the vocals. Harsh vocals are used sparingly in this track in a manner which is very effective. The final track on the EP, Haunting Me, gives the release a dramatic conclusion. The fast pace of the track combined with the aggressive tone to the harsh vocals gets the blood pumping. The chorus, both vocals and instrumentation, carry the emotional aspects of Endeavours. The track effectively combines aspects of each track on the EP, drawing High Rise’s music together to create a dynamic sound.

High Rise have created a powerful third release that makes use of their strengths. The instrumentation of each song is anthemic and carries energy and emotion. The vocals combine well with the music to enhance the overall sound. High Rise have had great success in a short period of time and this release has a great appeal to metal fans.


For fans of: A Day To Remember, The Ghost Inside, Underøath
Words by Holly Royle

‘Endeavours’ by High Rise is out now.

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