EP REVIEW: ‘True Motion’ by Real Authority

It’s not like a band has to be all that deep or cerebral to be good. There’s still plenty of value in hitting a point of uncomplicated exuberance as much as some would prefer to look down on it, and a band like Real Authority seem to be pushing that forward as proponents of that very notion. And to be clear, this is still a very new band just about to release their debut EP, but they’ve already made a fairly unshakable impression in a meaty, groove-driven sound reminiscent of both The Bronx and various stripes of nu-metal in different measures, and in their extolling of a more positive, quintessentially rockstar mood in their music. As throwaway as that might initially seem, especially at a time when competition between young bands to stand out seems to be stiffer than ever, Real Authority have captured something really quite potent, and it’s served them well on their singles up to now.

And indeed, True Motion is basically more of the same, mostly because it serves as effectively a collection of singles to establish where Real Authority stand in the current musical landscape, and achieves that rather well. Granted, the premise and execution being as basic as they are does drastically limit how much there is to say here, but the overall entertainment value is significant, and if there was going to be a release that laid down the groundwork for what’s to come with Real Authority, it’s difficult to see how they could’ve done more than this.

That’s not to oversell True Motion either, because it still readily displays the hallmarks of a band who could do with a bit of pruning back before they’re really ready for prime time. It’s most noticeable in the propensity to throw sounds into the mix that are highly indicative of a new band covering all of their personal bases regardless of how it turns out, and thus with a track like The Energy that’s openly inspired by Limp Bizkit – and with the lumbering, jerky riff and crawling pace that’s honestly only soured since its release, you can tell – it doesn’t feel like the most auspicious of early moves, especially when it’s the lead track on a debut EP. That’s a comparatively minor gripe though, as most of True Motion does land well; the influence from The Bronx feels well-documented and used on Can’t Face It and Party Mansion, and a greater focus on groove on Back It Up brings the metallic elements to the fore in a way that feels rather natural. It helps that Real Authority have a good grasp on a guitar tone that really does them a lot of good in this department, with the crunch and jagged edges being the overriding factor that carry the weight, even if the overall production could afford to be a tad heavier. And for lyrics that are generally rooted in a mould of debauched positivity, whether that’s living in those good moments on Can’t Face It or what’s essentially a more forceful take on the self-esteem anthem template on Back It Up (and giving that the converse reference point to compare it against with EP centerpiece Depression Issues), there’s a bluntness to all of this that does work in Real Authority’s favour on the whole.

They’re certainly strong first steps that have been taken, even with some noticeable kinks that still need to be worked out. But after all, no one expects perfection on a first try, and the fact that True Motion is already as enjoyable as it is, is a good sign of what Real Authority are capable of going forward. They’re not trying to make grand statements, after all, and a sound that maintains that small-scale attitude without trying to break its own banks is always going to be more successful in the long run. It might be a bit too basic for some, but this feels like that natural starting point for a band like this, and it’s carried out well enough to keep Real Authority as a prospect worth keeping an eye on.


For fans of: The Bronx, The Ramones, Limp Bizkit
Words by Luke Nuttall

‘True Motion’ by Real Authority is released on 26th July on Chapter One Records.

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