ALBUM REVIEW: ‘#Resist’ by Calling All Astronauts

Releasing on the 5th June 2020, #Resist is the new album from goth-punks Calling All Astronauts. The trio aren’t afraid to express their views on modern life and it’s this no-nonsense nature of their lyrics that gives their music a distinctive edge.

Atmospheric, darkwave inspired synths home in on the goth aspect of their sound, whilst distorted guitars deliver the aggressive punk edge. Opening with The Holy Trinity, the new album encompasses the listener in their strong lyrics and atmospheric instrumentation. The vocals have a unique texture; by layering and slight distorted edge, in the verse, it gives a dark effect. The mixture of textures across the vocals, and instruments brings together the various elements of their sound. There is a post-modern/ post-apocalyptic feel to the track, and this carries on throughout the album. The vocals appear quite high in the mix, almost dominating the instrumentation, that being said there is significant emphasis being placed on the content of the lyrics. Divided States Of America brings an energetic rhythm in the instrumentation. It gives the track a good momentum. By varying dynamics across the tracks, each track has its own mood that best suits the lyrical content. Give Them A Leader, in particular, has a dark, dystopian mood. With a greater presence of heavier guitars, low toned vocal melody lines and a contrasting soaring lead synth, this track has a great sound.

Dissonant guitar motifs in Fifteen Minutes, along with scratchy guitar effects deliver the noisy punk sound. It creates an interesting contrast with the synths and other instrumentation. The title track, Resist, brings together dark synths and low basslines, and a catchy chorus hook. The synths aren’t as overly dominant in this track; it’s simplicity in the instrumentation helps to place the focus on the lyrics. The chorus hook, melody and vocal line, are both simple but highly effective. Welcome To The Black Bloc has ludicrously high energy levels through combining the heavier elements of their sound, with dynamic synths and even some blast-beat drums. The sudden burst of energy delivered on this track gives the album a boost as it’s reached the penultimate track. Not In My Name draws the album to a close. The energy doesn’t let up. The synths bring a feel or the early noughties whilst the guitar leads introduce an alt rock twist.

Calling All Astronauts have created a powerful album in #Resist. The explicit political references shows the drive behind their music and is, perhaps, relevant now more than ever. The instrumentation explores a wide range of tones and textures, drawing on a wide collection of genre influences. It all ties together to produce a very distinctive sound.


For fans of: Sex Pistols, The Cure, Witches Of London
Words by Holly Royle

‘#Resist’ by Calling All Astronauts is released on 5th June.

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