EP REVIEW: ‘Seasons’ by Seasons

The self-titled debut EP from Seasons brings nothing sonically new to the rock scene but still manages to revive it, bringing a fresh, youthful sound. Opening track Sailed Ships attracts your attention with the itchy guitar and the building drum that increases the tension. Cue the typical anthemic chorus, with the shouting vocals of Grant Tuffs ably supported by the whispers of the bassist and guitarist. Towards the end of the song, the sound develops into a crazed frenzy, making the raw voice of Tuffs even more special.

Rumours ups the ante even more, the tempo reaching its zenith before it paves the way for strong lyrics to take centre stage. The effectiveness of the story telling is rather suprising considering the simplicity of the lyrics yet somehow it works; perhaps it’s their repetition or maybe it’s the interesting sound that holds attention throughout.

Seven Years sees the band slow down and play their ‘reflective’ card. It is here where the quality of the EP falters, if only the tiniest bit. The first verse is lulled in with a generic minor sound that producers are rolling out nowadays. The lyrics and the emotion that Tuffs keeps in his voice are paired perfectly. Thankfully, after the first chorus, the sound develops more depth and is genuinely recognisable as a classic rock ballad.

Last track Runaway marks a fitting end for the EP; it may sound a little familiar to other recent rock releases, but it sounds fresh. Melodically, it marks a mid way between Rumours and Seven Years and shows that the band are capable of exploring all areas of the rock genre. The biggest complaint for this EP is that it isn’t long enough.


For fans of: Young Guns, Mallory Knox, Don Broco
Words by Clara Duffy

‘Seasons’ by Seasons is released on 25th March.

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