ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred’ by Twitching Tongues

Twitching Tongues were brought into being in 2009 through the LA hardcore scene. There first official release was I & I (Insane & Inhumane) in 2011, this was followed by their debut full-length Sleep Therapy in 2012. That year also saw the release of their EP Preacher Man, before the release of their full-length In Love There Is No Law in 2013. The band faced a change in line up before the release of Disharmony in 2015, an album that created mixed success; it appealed to some long-term fans and brought in new, but did cause the alienation of some of their followers. This however, is not an unusual occurrence in the music industry when bands experiment and develop their sound. Their new album, Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred, involved a change in lineup once again. The title is drawn from the quotation, “Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life” by Eric Hoffer.

 The opening track on the album, AWOL (State of the Union), begins with atmospheric guitar melody. Dark, bass undertones are introduced and build up to a heavily distorted chord sequence. The verse is fast-paced with the melodic vocal line contrasting the instrumentation. The tempo suddenly reduces for the chorus; the contrasts in this track work effectively and keep the listener’s attention. Distorted vocals, heavy percussion motifs and tempo changes in the bridge further develop the dark atmosphere of the track. Track three, Kill For You, opens with a similar guitar melody to the first track which cohesively draws the first part of the album together. Dark lyrics and a heavily distorted chorus reflect the dark, gothic emotion of the track. The inclusion of guitar licks and melodic motifs display the band’s ability as musicians, the motifs compliment the melody of the vocal line.

 T.F.R. opens with a spoken narrative followed by war-like sound effects, not necessarily what is the expected opening for a track. This then leads to the chord progression of Chopin’s Funeral March in distorted guitars, before leading into the first verse. This certainly adds something different to their album. The track is very fast-paced and energetic. With aggressive lyrics this track has something different, the tone and atmosphere shows off a different style of song-writing. Gaining Purpose is the sixth track on the album. It opens with a bass-synth build up into heavy distorted guitars and an energetic rhythm. The band’s dark, atmospheric sound established in earlier tracks is continued through Gaining Purpose. It includes changes in tempo, a variety of guitar melodies, licks and motifs creating cohesion across the album.  

 Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred is an interesting album with some unusual ideas which work effectively. The band have an established sound which reappears in tracks across the album but, is interspersed with some wilder ideas. It is clear that the band are continuing to grow with each release, this album is certainly a step closer to their ideal sound. 


For fans of: Hatebreed, Forced Order, Harm’s Way
Words by Holly Royle 

‘Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred’ by Twitching Tongues is out now on Metal Blade Records.

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