EP REVIEW: ‘Mimi’ by Bad Rabbits

If there’s a band in the 2010s more underrated than Bad Rabbits, they’re yet to make themselves known. American Love was the sort of fat-free, borderline-flawless debut that would run circles around the majority of acts in any genre, and an abundance of tight electro-funk grooves makes for an infinity more enjoyable crossover act than any number of misery-guts “emo”-rappers. Yeah, the tip towards rock on 2016’s American Nightmare wasn’t quite as good, and the fact it got ignored by pretty much everyone speaks volumes, but Bad Rabbits are still capable of producing an absolute riot at the very best.

And thankfully, Mimi is a return to that very best, a taut, seven-track EP with the colour, spark and sexually-charged funk flair thats pretty much a guaranteed win, this time following the titular character and her abilities to make men fall head over heels just by stepping in the room. So it’s not exactly an intelligent listen then, but with hooks and grooves as enormous as they are, it doesn’t have to be. The fat synth-bass and Fredua Boakye’s fluid, soulful vocals on Mysterious and Dollars & Change hit with unavoidable immediacy, and while the bigger, more blubbery electronics of F On The J-O-B and After Party could be trimmed down a bit more, there’s still such a sticky, radiant cool that consistently emanates from them that’s just fantastic.

Even though that’s about all Bad Rabbits have to offer on Mimi, saying that they’re low on ideas isn’t done pejoratively at all. This is only seven tracks long after all, and the approach has been so streamlined that it’s difficult to fault overall. There’s not a single song here without a fantastic earworm hook that drills in and refuses to leave, and there’s a surprising level of progressive flair on a track like F On The J-O-B that has a bit more edge and weight than a regular funk song, and one that makes Bad Rabbits’ place in the alternative world make a lot more sense.

Of course, given some of the names that have fallen under that banner recently, sense isn’t exactly a prerequisite to make that crossover, but even so, Bad Rabbits are plenty capable of running circles around virtually all of them, even on just this one EP. Mimi is summer listening at its finest – uncomplicated without being overly so, and packed with melody and sizzling flair that never seems to wear out its welcome. Bad Rabbits have been slept on for far too long, and this admittedly isn’t likely to change that, but the possibilities for something absolutely huge have never been more prominent than this.


For fans of: Chromeo, Gym Class Heroes, Cut Copy
Words by Luke Nuttall

‘Mimi’ by Bad Rabbits is released on 10th August.

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