ALBUM REVIEW: ‘45’ by Anavae

Anavae produce an immersive atmosphere combining synths, soaring vocals and rock hooks in their new album 45. The duo from London have already been gaining attention following the release of their singles High and Not Enough.

The album opens with Afraid. The dramatic build up drops into a powerful marching bass and drum rhythm. The minimalism of this section brings the focus onto Rebecca Need-Menear’s vocals. Afraid has an incredibly catchy chorus – it’s one of those hooks that is dynamic and powerful. It’s a pleasure to have it stuck inside your head. It’s only the first track and already Anavae have shown their theatrical side and their ability to produce catchy hooks. The duo effectively combines a number of genres and themes throughout the album. Human carries the pop edge of their sound with the heavy guitars and sub bass parts. The soaring vocals enhance the pop side to their sound. The dark nature of the lyrics introduces a further dimension to their sound. The dark elements continue through Skeletons. This track changes the tone with a slower tempo, greater distortion and lower tones in the instrumentation. It’s haunting with Rebecca’s vocal style in this track giving a more personal edge to the lyrics. Their choice of synths and orchestral sounds, which occur throughout the track, really develops the eerie, haunting tone of the music.

Not Enough brings a burst of energy to the album. The strong rock influences blend easily with the synths and vocal melodies. The chorus, is once again, very catchy. The guitars fill out the lower tones, whilst the synth brings the energy, leaving the higher tones for Rebecca’s powerful vocals to remain as the main focus. Anavae are able to create a full powerful sound, as is revealed in earlier tracks on the album. Not Enough is a great example of this and it’s not surprising that they chose to release it as one of their singles. Never Want To Love Again sees the guitars become heavier bringing even more drama to their sound. By keeping the verses more minimal without the guitars, when the chorus arrives it packs even more of a punch through the contrast it creates. Hold On brings an ethereal atmospheric chorus. The instrumentation has been carefully layered to produce an epic effect. There is a haunting dissonant edge to the chorus. The sound has been well balanced so that the effect is both subtle and powerful. The echo on the vocals also assists in developing their sound in this track. Smile brings some wonderful progressions in the vocal and instrumental melodies. The orchestral strings are more prominent in this track. The chorus is incredibly dramatic and emotional powerful. The oriental style of the bridge brings an unexpected, but highly effective, addition to the track.

Anavae have produced an incredible album. The diverse nature of their sound is fully explored throughout the tracks on 45. Combing catchy choruses, soaring atmospheric sounds, and powerful heavy riffs, they are a force to be reckoned with.


For fans of: Icon For Hire, Night Club, Rivals
Words by Holly Royle

’45’ by Anavae is released on 1st November on A Wolf At Your Door Records / Silva Screen Records.

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