ALBUM REVIEW: ‘The Sea Of Tragic Beasts’ by Fit For An Autopsy

The New Jersey-based Fit For An Autopsy return with their fifth studio album, The Sea Of Tragic Beasts. Having developed with hardcore influences, Fit For An Autopsy combine the intensity of extreme metal with purposeful, powerful lyrics. With their music, fuelled by emotion, they have created a sound that is ‘post-deathcore’. Current affairs are prevalent in this album. As stated by guitarist Will Putney: “We’ve always addressed serious topics going back to our first album. Anyone who really looks around at the current state of the world should be able to relate to the aggression, anger, frustration, and sadness often communicated in our music.”

The title track, The Sea Of Tragic Beasts, opens the album with a powerful sound. Drama created from the bass drops combines with hard hitting percussion enhancing the dynamics of the track – and this is just the intro. Strong vocals from the start portray the intense emotions which prevail throughout the album. The chorus sees layered vocals soar above the heaviness of the instrumentation, bringing an uplifting aspect to the track. It’s this variation in the tone of the music that really strengthens the emotional presence in the track. The sense of energy and movement towards the end of the track further adds to its power. The vocals take precedence as the instrumentation carries a rhythmic section. Your Pain is Mine also displays powerful emotions through the chorus. The layered vocals reveal a thrilling sound with the addition of orchestral strings. The strong guitars and bass deliver heaviness with an impact; this grounds the track in Fit For An Autopsy’s extreme metal sound.

High energy runs throughout the album. Mirrors is fast paced and aggressive. Opening with a gentle guitar lead and gradual build-up of drums and vocals, a serene and yet dissonant atmosphere is created. This then transforms into low toned heaviness from all of the instrumentation and vocals. Mirrors incorporates a number of motifs used elsewhere on the album. The tone of the bass drops and a haunting dissonant synth sound, used in The Sea Of Tragic Beasts, re-emerge. There is a lot going on in this track. Sections of machine gun drumming, intricate guitar leads and more rhythmic focus parts, occur at different points. This variety keeps the track dynamic and interesting. The subject matter of the lyrics; the power and emotion behind them, is represented in the instrumentation. Mourn is very atmospheric. The synth choice really suits the style of build-up used. The introduction of the instrumentation and vocals blend incredibly well. The layers of this track produce a dramatic effect. Fit For An Autopsy have paid attention to the detail with the complexity of the guitar melodies and rhythms supporting the vocals. The contrapuntal melodies are each individually distinguishable without contradicting each other. Mourn has a different feel to the other tracks on the album. The melody of the chorus has quite a catchy hook, in addition to the atmospheric backdrop of the track.

Fit For An Autopsy have produced an album that delves into the heavy depths of the metal genre and artistically expresses intense emotion. The Sea Of Tragic Beasts encompasses technical instrumentation and a raw strength of feeling behind the lyrics.


For fans of: Thy Art Is Murder, The Acacia Strain, Gojira
Words by Holly Royle

‘The Sea Of Tragic Beasts’ by Fit For An Autopsy is released on 25th October on Nuclear Blast Records.

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